The childhood your kids receive is the one you give them. You only have one shot at it. And there are no do-overs. So, when you enroll at Foothill Christian School, you are, in essence, inviting us to become part of your family. You’re asking us to come alongside you to be part of your journey. To partner with you in their education. To help identify their giftedness and work to nurture it and watch it grow.

You look to us to help shape their character. To help them know there is a God who loves them and wants the best for them. You look to us to teach them right from wrong. And, to embrace virtues like kindness, compassion, self-sacrifice and service as the most important qualities to possess. Everything within you (and within us) wants to protect their innocence as long as possible while helping them to develop good morals and the strength to stand up against a crowd heading in the wrong direction.

You have made a good choice in Foothill. Because, we aim for God-honoring excellence in everything we do!


  • Tuition covers 100% of the actual cost per student but it does not cover any school improvement projects that are needed to enhance our program.
  • The projects supported through the Annual Fund are necessary to maintain the quality we expect for our children. So, rather than charge higher tuition we choose to accomplish these goals through tax deductible donations.
  • The Annual Fund replaces cookie dough/wrapping paper/other small fundraising sales and allows families to make a once-a-year tax deductible gift, or monthly pledge, to help make the Annual Fund projects possible.
  • Many families increase their giving potential through company-match programs that will meet a percentage of their gift and match it entirely.