Campaign Goals

Annual Fund Campaign Launch = Monday, November 2nd
Fully Funded by Thursday, December 3rd


Campus Safety


Our preschoolers are resilient, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Foothill Christian Preschool wants to stay ahead of our student’s, continuing to build environments that our students need, even before the need arises. That way, preschoolers can continue to grow and thrive at their own pace, not at ours! This year, the Preschool aims to raise $20,000 for school improvement projects, campus security upgrades and covid related expenses. This means we’re counting on you to be one of 200 contributors to donate $100 between now and December 3rd.

Value: Nurture Resilience

  • Desk Shields
  • Parent Communication Software
  • Infrastructure

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TK – 8th

COVID-19 Expenses

Our students have shown true grit, resilience and determination throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Foothill Christian aims to stay ahead of our student’s, building safe environments (now) that allow our students to continue to grow and thrive at their own pace, not at ours!

We believe the TK-8th grade goals reflect this value!

Value: Nurture Rapid Growth

  • Desk Shields
  • Online Software
  • Infrastructure
  • Swivl Cameras
  • Extra Staff

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There is a shift in education right now and we need to be on the forefront of that shift. In a world where students can Google the answers to any question, teachers must compete with a student’s latest device in the realm of education. We compete when our teachers use technology. We compete when we provide our students with technology in the classroom. We compete when we provide students with the opportunity to personalize their learning. Then, when students have the technology they need, instead of competing with technology, we leverage technology to push our students to become producers of content instead of consumers of content.

Value: Don’t Compete With Technology, Leverage It!

Leveraging Technology:

  • The Computer Lab
  • 22 iMac Upgrades
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Support

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Foothill Christian School is an undisputed and recognized force throughout the San Gabriel Valley Christian League. The goal is to give our athletes the tools required to compete at the next level as they strive for excellence before God on and off the court/field. Let’s give our athletes what they need to succeed on a whole new level!

Now is the time to give our athletes what they need to succeed on a whole new level!

Value: We Are The Falcons!

  • FCS Falcons Sports Re-Brand
  • Falcons Uniforms

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Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts programs are thriving, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic thus, there is potential to grow and expand. Giving to Fine Arts provides these programs with exactly what they need to strive for excellence in every way. At the very start of every child’s education here at Foothill Christian, music appreciation classes are essential within our elementary curriculum. And then, as students grow in their passion for music and the arts, options like band, choir and orchestra are added to the student experience. Starting in 3rd grade, these growing skills become vital for what comes next: The Audition!

Value: Enhance Learning, Create Self-Directed Learners, Share Culture.

Our elementary-aged and middle school-aged students are preparing for:

  • Theater productions
  • The Orchestra
  • Play production
  • Drumline

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